Come On Vaccine! Vaccine Hesitancy & You


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EPISODE 26 | Come On Vaccine! Vaccine Hesitancy & You

Science marches on, eradicating debilitating diseases (among other things). However, there have always been some who are skeptical, or even downright hostile, to this. There are lots of reasons: maybe God wants your kid to get sick, the ingredients used are harmful and/or weird, or they have terrible side effects, like giving children autism; turning them into half-man, half-cow hybrids or making making males become homosexuals. Or maybe there are teeny, tiny mind control devices in them.

Or maybe all of these things are true. When you decide that science doesn't matter, and there's no such things as a fact, it's sort of a free for all of superstition and suspicion.


  1. 02:00 - A quick overview of the situation
  2. 04:03 - Don't Have a Cow! The smallpox vaccine starts it all
  3. 08:12 - The Hospital of Dr. Moreau - Benjamin Moseley & others
  4. 11:04 - DPT (diphtheria, pertussis [whooping cough] & tetanus) - Vaccine Roulette & Dravet Syndrome
  5. 15:01 - How to Make a Vaccine
  6. 18:39 - The 'Vid - How we got vaccines so fast
  7. 22:16 - MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella [German measles]) - (Former Dr.) Andrew Wakefield & the seeds of the modern anti-vax movement
  8. 25:23 - Pointing fingers at anti-vax celebrities - a not-quite-complete list
  9. 28:55 - Tweedle-dee's Logic - Some reasons for vaccine hesitancy
  10. 29:51 - Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - Ingredients - Icky, weird, deadly stuff
  11. 33:19 - Heard of Herd Immunity? - A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
  12. 36:11 - Mother Nature Knows Best - Post-modern snake oil
  13. 37:12 - Big Pharma Wants You - It's all about the Benjamins
  14. 38:39 - Cloud-Cuckoo Land - The "out there" conspiracy theories & truly spotty logic
  15. 40:47 - Repercussions - Vaccine hesitancy affects us all
  16. 45:13 - Cutting Through the Noise - 18 steps for talking to the vaccine hesitant
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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