44 for 44 - The Obama Conspiracies (Thanks, Obama!)


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Episode 05 | 44 for 44 - The Obama Conspiracies (Thanks, Obama!)

Host: Derek DeWitt

The 44th US President sure had a lot of theories about him. Was he really a cocaine-fueled, murdering, gay, inter-dimensional, Satanic, Mars-visiting lizard who could control the weather?

Every leader of a country, or anyone that much in the public eye, is sure to engender a number of conspiracy theories. But the 44th president, Barack Obama, sure seemed to get more than his fair share of them. Some were almost certainly externally expressed fears of black retribution, or good old fashioned racism, while others were clearly just slanderous disinformation by those who opposed him politically and philosophically.

But, boy oh boy, some of the rumors were real doozies.


  1. 02:53 - (Not) Born in the U.S.A. and/or Racist Black Radical: Passports, Parricide, Nose Jobs, Wakanda Forever, Whitey Shade of Pale, Arm & Hammer and the 3%
  2. 09:42 - Obamahu Akbar: Wright is Wrong, Madrasa Days, Book Swap, My Shahada, Prayer Curtains, Follow the Money, Tongue-Tied, a Secret Kabul, Brotherhood in Arms, Open Borders, T.S. Hate-a-lot
  3. 17:41 - Commie Issues: Flags, Pledges, Island Hopping, Seeds for Recession, Brainwashing - Kid's Menu, a Plethora of Plots
  4. 23:23 - Big Fat Liar: Jobs Truthers, Breitbart Bloodshed, Specious Slaying, Zero Dark Phony, Deep State Horizon, Aurora False Flagealis, Ghostwriter Story, Barack O'Dumba, Obama Svengala
  5. 29:56 - Really Not One of Us: Adulterer, Drug Money, On the Down Low, Married a Man, Gay Cocaine Orgy Murder, Michael Obama and the Death of Joan Rivers, Test Tube Superman, Controls the Weather (Tech and/or Magic), Lizard, Antichrist, Went to Mars
  6. 43:44 - It's All True: Books Both Serious and Not
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat
  • Guest vocal by Cinna Bantegnie Ronjat at 43:44


  • 12:17 - I mispronounced the word "shahada" due to a typo in my notes.

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