Glass Onion - The Beatles Conspiracies


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Episode 01 | Glass Onion - The Beatles Conspiracies

Host: Derek DeWitt

The Beatles made more of an impact than perhaps any other band in history. Their highly engineered later albums, use of backmasking and decidedly quirky senses of humor seem to leave trails of breadcrumbs for people to follow into deeper, hidden truths about them.

You may have heard of the Paul is Dead theory. But what about the Paul is Alive one? Or that they plotted to blow up their former drummer Pete Best? Or that they never actually broke up? Or that they never really existed at all?

So pack your revolver and hop in your yellow submarine as we take a magical mystery tour past Abbey Road and travel through yesterday and today because we just can't let it be.


  1. 02:28 - Paul is Dead
  2. 17:20 - Paul Lives but the Others Are Dead
  3. 24:09 - Glass Onion (the Red Herring Song)
  4. 25:38 - The Beatles Never Existed
  5. 29:11 - "Yesterday"
  6. 29:55 - Everyday Chemistry
  7. 32:12 - Klaatu (the Canadian Beatles)
  8. 36:09 - The Secret History - The Pete Best Assassination Plot (and Paul's Still Dead)
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


  • At 05:34, when discussing the "butcher cover", we meant to say that turning the replacement cover on its side seems to show Paul lying in a coffin, not the "butcher cover"

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