Now You See It, Now You Don't - Finland Doesn't Exist


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Episode 09 | Now You See It, Now You Don't - Finland Doesn't Exist

Host: Derek DeWitt

There are some things you just know are true. Like that Finland exists. But it doesn't. Neither does Australia. And New Zealand's looking kind of iffy as well. In fact, there are many things that you think are real, but aren't. Like birds. They aren't real either.


  1. 01:42 - Finland Doesn't Exist - The Theory
  2. 04:38 - Finland Doesn't Exist - The Point Zero
  3. 06:42 - Poe's Law & the Ambiguity of Intent (Postmodern Irony, New Sincerity, Post-Irony, Meta-Irony, Hyper-Irony)
  4. 11:20 - Finland Doesn't Exist - Embellishments & Reactions
  5. 12:36 - Australia Doesn't Exist
  6. 14:53 - Other Geographic Fictions (OGF) - Bielefeld, Germany
  7. 18:10 - OGF - Acre, Brazil
  8. 18:40 - OGF - Molise, Italy
  9. 19:01 - OGF - North Dakota, USA
  10. 19:32 - Henri Tajfel's Minimal Group Paradigm, In-Group Favoritism & Out-Group Homogeneity
  11. 20:36 - New Zealand Is Being De-Mapped
  12. 22:23 - Sandy Island
  13. 23:39 - Phantom Islands (Los Buenos Jardines, Emerald Island, Dougherty Island, Terra Nova, et al.)
  14. 25:54 - Phantom Settlements, Copyright Traps, Paper Towns, Trap Streets, etc.
  15. 26:57 - Jakob Maria Mierscheid - German MP, Naturalist, Great Guy
  16. 28:51 - Birds Aren't Real - The Brainchild of Peter McIndoe
  17. 33:01 - Culture Jamming & You
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


  • At 20:17, I mispronounced the word "homogeneity"
  • NOTE: I do NOT mispronounce the name Henri Tajfel, but most people do (the "j" makes a "y" sound in Polish)

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