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EPISODE 17 | Project Blue Beam - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Research Here

What do you get for the conspiracy theorist who has everything? How about a conspiracy theory that has everything? Project Blue Beam has it all - a bleak techo-apocalypse that culminates in the enslavement of most of humanity by demons pretending to be god and/or aliens, with the help of NASA, the Masons, Microsoft, Greenpeace, the IMF and many more.

Dig in to the all-you-can-eat buffet of horror and doom that is Project Blue Beam.


  1. 02:11 - The Canadian Father of the Theory (Serge Monast) & Blue Beam in the Wild (Blue Beam Is Becoming the Unified Conspiracy Theory - a Paranoia Minestrone)
  2. 04:40 - Here Come the Bastards - an Outline of Blue Beam
  3. 05:40 - Phase 1: Indiana Jones & the Temple of Lies (Earthquakes & Archeology)
  4. 06:33 - Phase 2: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Shiva! (Holograms, Gods, Demons & Beethoven)
  5. 09:40 - Phase 3: Can You Hear Me Now? (Russian Supercomputers, Radio Waves & Kitty Dukakis)
  6. 11:11 - Phase 4: Welcome to the Machine (the Night of 1000 Stars, the Apocalypse, Aliens & Technology)
  7. 14:05 - Big Brother Has Always Loved You (A Series of Tests & Judgements)
  8. 15:31 - Consistently Inconsistent - What's God Got to Say About All This? How About Other Writers?
  9. 18:35 - Serge Might Have Been Inspired by Others
  10. 20:19 - Serge Might Have Been Inspired by Science Fiction Movies & TV Shows
  11. 22:23 - Serge's End, and Abandon All Hope
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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