Signs, Grudges & Blue Books - Early UFOlogy


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EPISODE 23 | Signs, Grudges & Blue Books - Early UFOlogy

Hidden inside the new COVID relief bill is a mandate for US Congress to be fully briefed on UFOs, so it might be worth it to take a look at the early days of UFO sightings and American investigative efforts.

And tomorrow is the anniversary of the Mantell UFO Incident, called by some the first UFO-related death on record. But is it? Depends on who you believe.


  1. 03:06 - The Mantell UFO Incident - January 7, 1948
  2. 07:13 - Suspicions Are Raised
  3. 08:51 - The Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter - July 24, 1948
  4. 10:47 - The Gorman UFO Dogfight - October 1, 1948
  5. 16:50 - Early Days - UFOs 1883-1947 - cows in space, racist aliens, dead aliens & Foo Fighters
  6. 21:47 - Maury Is. & Mt. Rainier - June 1947 - origin of "flying saucers" & "Men in Black"
  7. 25:17 - SAUCER to Sign; Great (Green) Balls of Fire - Investigations & green fireballs
  8. 29:47 - Grudge Match
  9. 32:23 - Sidebar: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter - August 21, 1955: origin of "little green men"
  10. 38:04 - The Golden Age of Blue Book - Origin of "UFO" plus the Hynek Scale
  11. 39:56 - The Robertson Panel puts a lid on it
  12. 42:14 - End of an Era - Blue Book dies, "UFO" into "UAP", AATIP dies, UAPTF ongoing
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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