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Episode 07 | The Lucifer Project(s) - Big Scary in Sky!

Host: Derek DeWitt

Space might not be such a final frontier after all. Is the Vatican secretly in league with aliens? Or demons pretending to be aliens? Was Jesus an extraterrestrial? Is NASA trying to create a second sun in our solar system? These questions and more must be examined. And when you name your science project "Lucifer", you really should be all that surprised when people come up with conspiracy theories about it.


  1. 02:03 - Version One - Sectarian Shenanigans
  2. 04:48 - Embellishments to the Core Theory
  3. 06:55 - The Actual Poop - What's in a Name?
  4. 08:15 - Version Two - Two Suns in the Sunset
  5. 08:37 - Galileo, Galileo!
  6. 10:50 - The Strange Worlds of Richard Hoagland
  7. 16:17 - Cassini, Figaro!
  8. 17:21 - Puzzlin' Evidence - (In)Congruent Conflations
  9. 19:19 - Conspiracy Smoothies & Salvation
  10. 21:11 - BONUS CONSPIRACIES! The Shining: All Work & No Play Makes Bill Gates a Satanic Murderer
  11. 21:30 - Lucifer & the Bible
  12. 25:40 - Pastor Rick Wiles Wants to Explore Bill Gate's Rectum
  13. 29:43 - ID2020
  14. 30:44 - The Lucifer Trust & Publishing House (Don't Play With Other People's Baals)
  15. 33:16 - Nikita Mikhalkov Wants an Oscar (Apparently)
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


  • 33:16 - I say that Mikhalkov has never won an Oscar. This is not true - his 1994 film "Burnt by the Sun" did win Best Foreign Language film. See? You shouldn't just trust everything you hear - check things out for yourself. The "theory" developed here still stands, though - he wants another Oscar, this time for Best Picture.

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