The Notorious M.I.B.


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EPISODE 29 | The Notorious M.I.B.

One of the most sinister UFO-related phenomena - the Men in Black. Sure, they dress like the Blues Brothers, but they are super creepy and often menacing. And also pretty ineffective. And while they may have been created wholesale by a hoaxer, people have been reporting, and even photographing, them for years.

We're releasing this episode a day early to confound the MIBs.


  1. 02:51 - First mention of the Men in Black
  2. 03:26 - The Uncanny Valley
  3. 05:18 - Beam Me Down, Bender - Albert Bender learns a thing or two
  4. 09:02 - Gray Barker - The man behind the myth?
  5. 12:03 - More Than a Few M.I.B.s
  6. 12:22 - John H. Stuart in New Zealand
  7. 13:20 - What detergent do you use? - Paul Miller's luminous silo
  8. 15:38 - The Solway Firth Spaceman - M.I.B.s #9 and #10 (or maybe #11)
  9. 18:43 - An M.I.B. gets random - Rex Heflin gets a lesson on the Bermuda Triangle
  10. 20:57 - I hope you have insurance - Robert Richardson has a crash
  11. 23:09 - I'm surrounded! - Carlos de Santos has a flyby
  12. 26:08 - Nothing up my sleeve - Herbert Hopkins sees a magic trick
  13. 29:05 - Mind yer business - UFO researchers get targeted
  14. 30:10 - More Recent M.I.B.s - Dan Aykroyd gets cancelled
  15. 33:01 - Niagara Falls and the Tale of Jack & Jeff (note: the website Out There with Ted has gone away since the recording of this episode - make of that what you will)
  16. 41:32 - John Keel on the Trail - another comprehensive (yet incomplete) theory & ultraterrestrials
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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