Time Cube - Four Is the Loneliest Number


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Episode 08 | Time Cube - Four Is the Loneliest Number

Host: Derek DeWitt

The world is a cube, time is a cube, you are a cube - everything's a cube. That's what Gene Ray, an electrician from Florida said. And he should know, since he was "the wisest man on Earth" and "wiser than God".

This is the strange and occasionally disturbing story of one of the wildest theories to ever hit the internet - the Time Cube Theory. Don't be educated stupid! Burn the marshmallow!


  1. 01:38 - An Introduction & an Overview
  2. 03:45 - The Time Cube Theory
  3. 07:17 - GMT, ONEism, Marshmallow Time & Belly Button Logic
  4. 09:46 - Unicorns Are Evil & Easter Island is Bad
  5. 11:27 - It's All About the Four (Burritos & Tacos Are Evil)
  6. 12:19 - Some Obvious Refutations
  7. 13:27 - The Time Cube Website - Green Ink, Haig's Law, Santa Claus & Design Considerations
  8. 17:27 - He Was a Busy Bee - Four Websites, Actually (Musings on Religion & Race)
  9. 19:48 - The Time Cube Law
  10. 21:07 - The Man Himself - Marbles & Maybe Mental Illness
  11. 24:31 - Not So Harmless - Ray's Views on Blacks, Jews & Gays
  12. 27:17 - The Fan: Richard Janczarski
  13. 30:36 - Man as Meme
  14. 33:01 - Parodies & Theories (Satire, Sock Puppets & More)
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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