Time for Timer: Pseudohistories & Historical Revisions


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EPISODE 20 | Time for Timer: Pseudohistories & Historical Revisions

History may not have happened like you think. Is it possible that whole swaths of so-called "history" have been made up to bolster various people and downplay others, or maybe even to cover up the existence of the greatest historical force ever known - the Russian Horde.

What year is it? Is it 2020? Or 1723? 2520? Depends on who you listen to.


  1. 02:43 - The Missing Day - NASA Proves the Bible?
  2. 07:22 - Time for a Change - The Julian Calendar Fixes the Roman Calendar
  3. 09:56 - The Gregorian Calendar Fixes the Julian Calendar & the Calendar Riot Myth
  4. 13:53 - Other, Better Systems We Don't Use
  5. 14:57 - Herbert Illig's Phantom Time Hypothesis - the Middle Ages Were Faked
  6. 18:27 - The Revised Chronology by Immanuel Velikovsky, Ancient Israel is Actually Ancient Egypt
  7. 21:57 - Big Boom, Big Changes - Catastrophism and You
  8. 24:18 - The New Chronology by Anatoly Fomenko - Everything before 1600 CE Is a Lie to Hide the Russian Horde
  9. 29:19 - The Vatican, HRE Rudolf II and the Romanovs Hatch a Plot
  10. 31:38 - Russians Aplenty - Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov: Apocalypse Then & Now
  11. 32:41 - The 1421 Theory - Retired Sub Commander Gavin Menzies Loves China
  12. 34:58 - He Who Controls the Past, Controls the Future - Crazies, Racists, Alt-Righties & More
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


I mispronounce Anatoly Fomenko's name (adding a "r" erroneously) as well as say the wrong middle initial for B. G. Burkett (he is not actually "BJ").

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