True Fictions - Because Reasons 2


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Episode 12 | True Fictions - Because Reasons 2

Guest: John Poston, Theatrical Artist and Writer

So, just who are these "conspiracy theorists" anyway? I talk with John Poston about conspiracy thinking, true believers and debunkers, how humans create identity through narratives, tribal signalling, Homo Ludens and, of course, the JFK assassination.


  1. 01:35 - I Wouldn't Call Myself A Conspiracy Theorist But....
  2. 04:44 - Stories Are Awesome, Two Red Flags, Project for the New American Century
  3. 09:04 - Homo Ludens (Man the Player), Brains As Script Doctors, Harari & Shared Fictions
  4. 16:40 - AI Research & the Brain, the Power of Gossip
  5. 19:39 - Too Much Information Yet Also Not Enough, Some Ideas on JFK, Don't Be Naive
  6. 24:06 - Deeper Down the JFK Rabbit Hole, the Dog that Didn't Bark
  7. 33:25 - True Believers On Both Sides, History as Theatre, Magic Bullets, High Stakes Narratives, You're Probably Wrong
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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