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EPISODE 30 | UFOs in Czecho

Guest: Sam Beckwith, editor of Prague Pig

Today Conspiracy Clearinghouse celebrates one year of delving into the weird, so we thought we'd celebrate by doing a crossover episode with our sister podcast Prague Times. The UFO thing is not exclusively an American phenomenon, and even here in the Czech Republic, where we're based, there have been plenty of reports and reactions.

Prague-based journalist Sam Beckwith takes us through the most famous UFO sightings in the area (some going back centuries), how the Communists dealt with reports of strange craft, citizen-led initiatives, the Czech Silver Men, a UFO church and more. This is a special crossover episode with our sister podcast, Prague Times.


  1. 02:00 - UFOs as cultural phenomenon, as narratives
  2. 07:50 - Projekt Záře
  3. 09:30 - Vranov nad Dyjí - the most famous Czech sighting
  4. 13:55 - A saucer too far - Communists hate mysteries, Nazi UFO in Prague
  5. 16:27 - Centuries of sightings - flaming wheels, time-displaced tanks
  6. 20:19 - Slatiny, 1938, the Číhošť Miracle, Loose lips get you killed
  7. 22:21 - Ostružná Nová Ves - a teeny spacecraft that sucks, Miličín - balls and figures in Czech Siberia, Don't call me stupid
  8. 26:55 - Aliens tour our spa towns, The summer of '93 - sightings all over, including Svitavy
  9. 31:13 - The Silver Men (Stříbrňáci)
  10. 33:14 - Crop circles, Fidel's cigars, Are you normal?
  11. 37:19 - Universe People (Vesmírní lidé sil světla) - a Czech and Slovak UFO church
  12. 39:16 - Ashtar Galactic Command
  13. 41:44 - The Spooky Book and other Czech Forteana (coming soon!)
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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