Walk Into My Parlour - Early UFO Abductions


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EPISODE 27 | Walk Into My Parlour - Early UFO Abductions

For several decades, people have been claiming that they've not only seen aliens in spaceships, they've been taken by them. And the aliens...did things to them. We'll look at some notable cases as well as false memory syndrome, sleep paralysis and alien abduction insurance.


  1. 02:35 - Intro: Pop culture holds the seeds of the abduction movement
  2. 03:32 - Paleo-Abductions - early reports, mainly
  3. 05:38 - AVB (Antônio Villas Boas, 1957)
  4. 09:55 - The Hill Abduction (Barney & Betty Hill, 1961)
  5. 15:33 - Private Investigations - the Hills ask for help, Betty has dreams
  6. 21:06 - Going Public & Going Under - the Hills share their story & try hypnosis
  7. 26:06 - The press gets the story & unwanted fame is the result
  8. 28:18 - School teacher Marjorie Fish works on the star map
  9. 30:19 - Ripples in the Pond - the Hills & pop culture, the Travis Walton abduction
  10. 32:44 - Possible explanations & legacy of the Hill case
  11. 35:27 - You Are Getting Sleepy - Budd Hopkins, the alien abduction industry & making babies
  12. 44:25 - Alien abduction insurance, polls & more
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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