Robert Sullivan & Cinema Symbolism of the Occult! National Treasure, Aronofsky, Suspiria and Harry Potter!


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On today's episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we are joined by SPECIAL GUEST Robert Sullivan! He's breaks down the connections of Freemasonry with the power structures (are the Freemasons the "Illuminati?") as well as the symbolism we see in so many films and why we see all of it! Buckle up because this one is high octane!!! The FULL show is available to ALL thanks to the Patreon supporters! Please consider joining and becoming a member! Show Topics: *Who is Robert Sullivan?... Philosopher, historian, mystic, writer, CEO, lawyer and a 32nd degree Freemason *Freemasonry: revealing the secrets and the "tokens of recognition" *How to get to 33rd degree *Ordo Templi Orientis and the Freemason Lodges *Illuminati or a Global Elite?... It's true (to an extent) *Death of Washington and DeWitt Clinton as Freemason who pulled the USA's strings *"Columbian Illuminati" and America *Controversial Freemasons (Crowley, Hoover, etc.) *What happens if you join the Freemasons and then REVEAL the secrets?... *Star Wars: Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell's Mono Myth *"Green Dragon"- what is it?... Gnostic Demiurge symbol for materialism *Ed Wood being influenced by subconscious *Do directors KNOW what they're doing?... *Influenced by subconscious, Plato's Theory of Forms, Jung's Collective Unconscious- Kaballah and mysticism inherited *National Treasure: Nicolas Cage's Masonic Ritual on film *Do actors know? Does Nicolas Cage understand? Is that why he bought a pyramid tomb?... *Darren Aronofsky: Occult symbolism are OBVIOUS- examples given through Black Swan and mother! *Black Swan- tarot representations and the one thing that gives it ALL away: FEBRUARY 12th! *Suspiria and the symbolism from Dario Argento's film (e.g. Snow White and Rosemary's Baby) *The Shining and the 237 enigma- find out how this number for children in peril surfaces in Suspiria, The Shining, and Poltergeist! *Harry Potter- PROOF of an occult ritual in the films: masonic context, #7 obsession, Dumbledore as Hermes archetype, and the Ritual of Enoch in the subterranean pillars of knowledge (this part will blow your mind!) *Future projects from Robert Sullivan (4 books!) *Cinema Symbolism 3- teaser of new films featured in book *Where you can find Robert Sullivan *Website The full show is available for ALL thanks to the Patreon supporters! Please consider joining and becoming a member!

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