Sabrina: Witchcraft in Entertainment and Pagan Fantasies of an Occult World


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On today's episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we FINALLY explore Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"! We get into satanism, witchcraft, Aleister Crowley, Baphomet, and symbolism of the occult! Join as we expose this show for children and its programming of the masses... This special show is free for all; with ALL THANKS GOING TO Patreon supporters! I could NOT do this without them- please consider joining the team and supporting the cause! Show Topics: Sabrina's Netflix makeover Baptism of the Faustian Bargain: Womb of the Illuminati & Blood Sacrifice Qlippoth and the "66 fallen angels" Blood sacrifice to Moloch: influences in reality (Slenderman) Bathtub and crossing over Hunger Games: entertainment for the elite Dark Lord: Occult Doctrine of the Left Hand Path Who's house? Dark Lord's house Malum Malus and the forbidden fruit Uncle Jessie gets his veil pierced Thoughts and Prayers Satanism and Witchcraft Anton LaVey's satanism- ritual magick, witchcraft, WICCA, etc. Sympathetic Magick Baphomet and Reconciling Opposites Sacred Geometry Perfected androgyne o' mine Tubal Cain Biblical exploration of Cain and Abel Sabrina and Cain's soil Tubal Cain and Freemasonry (EXPOSED! 100%!) Solstice Special Smoking the Yule log Conclusion: Occult Symbolism and Revelation of the Method Alan Moore, Great Work, Charles Manson (*his music in the show- yes it's true) DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW!! Thanks!

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