Tesco Shelf Stacking Memories Mix - Hard House Classics


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A trip down memory lane to when I had my first job at a small local Tesco back in 2000 stacking the shelves of an evening - and after the shop closed Id grab the newest mix tape I did and subject all the staff to 90mins of my lastest tunes!! This is a few of the favourites that used to get played over the PA system 1. Abel Ramos - One More 2. Succargo - Once Again 3. Trauma - Wanna Ride 4. K-Series - Sanctuary (K8) 5. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Illogik Remix) 6. DJ Shredda - Chainsaw (DJ The Crow Remix) 7. Heavens Cry - Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix) 8. JX - Restless (Guyver Remix) 9. Smokin Bert Cooper - Gettin Warm (Ingo Remix) 10. Ingo - Party Time 2000 11. Artemesia - Bits n Pieces (Tidy Boys Remix)

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