#60: Why processes bring freedom to your business with Zsófia Bányai


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Today, we are joined by Zsófia Bányai of Myprocesses. She helps busy entrepreneurs automate and outsource their time-consuming tasks without sacrificing their profit.
Zsófia has degrees in both History and in Finance, plus corporate-world
Experience which enables her to look at business problems in a different light.
She has a strong belief that entrepreneurs should not be the employees of their company.

  • In this episode, you will learn:
  • Her career story’s unusual beginnings
  • Her shift from working corporate to starting her own business
  • Her 3-step approach to helping clients implement a 4 hour work week
  • Outsourcing decision guide
  • How the pandemic had impacted her business
  • Entrepreneurship in Hungary
  • What burnout is and how to avoid it

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