#055 From living a corner office life to embrace the Consulting Lifestyle with Veronica Sagustume


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Veronica Sagastume is today a content marketing strategist for accountants. 10 years ago, a life-changing event led her to start her own consulting business.

During this decade, she made a few pivots from starting as a CFO consultant to being the content marketing strategist she is today. During our discussion, we went deep into her mind to see what led her to make those business decisions and those career moves.

There is no doubt that you will recognize yourself into her story.
In this episode you will learn:

  • why she decided to let go of her corner office life
  • how to deal with self-doubt when starting your business
  • how listening to her clients helped her make necessary pivots in her business
  • why she stays focused with her niche clientele
  • how she sets up an effective social media strategy for herself and her clients
  • What does having a "Consulting Lifestyle" mean to Veronica


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