Ep. 67: Music w/ Mike Donovan & Luke Calzonetti


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What is going on with music? We ask elder statesmen artist/musician Luke Calzonetti (Run Dust/Child Abuse) and Drag City artist/musician/writer Mike Donovan (Sic Alps/Peacers) on a seasoned perspective on how we might now perceive music (now?) and how mystery music and the underground became anachronistic, getting into painting and writing etc. Mike discusses his new book, an anthropological account of what Taxi driving would look like to a human 100 years from now. Will To Power of fronting a musical project in the age of covid and the need for conflict.

It doesn't matter how easy it is to do, it matters what you do! Unearthing lore from the early 2000's Library of Alexandria, this is one of my favorite episodes.

Featuring songs from Mike Donovan's new Drag City record Exurbian Quonset (Digital Dan, Hate Mail Writer) and Run Dust's Banca Nazionale (Baccus, and Leisure Village (Distant Bloods)

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