Contaminated Sediments Virtual Workshop Session 3 - Remediation Technologies (Nov 13, 2019)


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The US EPA Office of Research and Development / Office of Science Policy (ORD/OSP) in cooperation with the Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM) is sponsoring a 4-part virtual workshop series to address current challenges at contaminated sediment sites. The aim of the virtual workshop is to provide interactive discussions between subject matter expert panelists and workshop participants. Consequently, each virtual session will feature brief topic introductions by panelists followed by facilitated panelist/participant discussions which will include opportunities for questions and answers, brainstorming, identification of concerns and research needs, and quick spot surveys. If you have a contaminated sediment site, this is the virtual workshop for you! Update: Based on the high interest in this series and feedback, the event has been extended to allow for more time questions with the presenters. All scheduled presentations with brief Q&A periods will be delivered as planned during the original time from 1 to 3:00pm eastern. Immediately following the scheduled presentations, presenters will remain on the webinar for an additional 30 minutes to address more questions and comments from the participants. If you are unable to stay on for the additional Q&A time, please know the entire event will be recorded and available to playback on demand including the additional Q&A time. The third session will focus on both innovative and established remediation technologies available for contaminated sediment sites, as well as technology selection criteria. The third session will address the following topics:Remediating mercury-contaminated sediment sites,Selection criteria for sediment remediation technologies, PCB dechlorinating and degrading with bioamended GAC, andReactive caps for dissolved and non-aqueous phase-liquids (NAPL). To view this archive online or download the slides associated with this seminar, please visit

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