170 - Repurposing Your Content & Making More With Less - with Ruth Buczynski


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Imagine making $3 million in sales with your online program (already awesome!). Now imagine taking that SAME content and repurposing it into a range of NEW products and programs that brings in an ADDITIONAL $15 million in sales!

Yep -- you read that right. Adding $15M and more than 500% in revenue with ONE Repurposing Strategy.

In this episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon chat with a very special guest -- Ruth Buczynski of The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

Ruth is not only a leader in her field making a difference to the lives of thousands of health and mental health practitioners worldwide, she’s also a genius online marketer and content creator and she’s developed a way to keep repackaging and repurposing her paid content into saleable products that are generating millions and serving her audience more fully in the process.

This can be a GAME-CHANGER in your business - especially if you already sell online courses or you deliver large programs or certifications - because Ruth has literally cracked the code on how you can launch one large product and then, over time, repurpose that content into smaller and smaller products.


As a special gift from Ruth and the team at The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine - here’s a “no-optin-required” link to “Working With Perfectionism” (for all us content perfectionists out there!)

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The simple philosophy that catapulted Ruth’s business growth
  • How Ruth pivoted from a “one and done” approach to a repurposing strategy (and why that immediately turned into 3X revenue)
  • The counterintuitive repurposing pricing strategy that will blow your mind (and make a massive difference to your income)
  • How Ruth was able to make an additional $3 million in revenue from a $1 million product
  • Why you “gotta have chunks!” to make this strategy work
  • The things you need to consider BEFORE you start your repurposing strategy (that make ALL the difference!)
  • The KEY to repurposing content so it’s powerful, relevant and still wanted over and over by your market
  • How Ruth structures her annual calendar and her product promotions (this alone is worth listening to this episode for - absolute GOLD!)
  • What frequency should you be offering your repurposed content? (Ruth’s answer might surprise you!)
  • The simple 3-email strategy that is bringing in millions and helping more practitioners get the support they need.
  • And much more!

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