Episode 007: Conversational AI: Humanizing Interactions Between Brands and Consumers


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In today’s episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, Product Head of Conversational AI, Niyati Agarwal joins Beerud and Srini to discuss how Conversational AI technology changes the course of brand interaction with consumers. Tune in to know how Conversational AI impacts your brand reputation, reduces your manpower’s effort, and optimises your business costs.

The “Magic” of Conversational AI Technology

Conversational AI technology is ideal whether you want to have an unstructured (free style) or structured (straightforward) communication with consumers. Through natural language understanding (NLP), AI understands the intent of consumers’ query and provides the right responses. With advanced techniques, AI can solve even the most complex queries no matter how complicated consumers phrase them, which can ultimately have a positive impact on the brands’ reputation.

“You take 10 people, and they'll have 10 different ways of asking the same question. That's where you need artificial intelligence. You need this field called natural language processing to understand the user query.” - Beerud Sheth

The Evolution of Conversational AI Technology

Niyati points out that AI uses “reactive” and “proactive” techniques. Aside from the expected resolution, AI also offers other recommendations based on the consumers’ history. These techniques prompt the incorporation of AI to other business processes like marketing, human resources, ITSM, and such. Conversational AI technology is a good space to explore, as its concepts and channels continue to evolve in a way that greatly reduces the efforts of not only the consumers but also the brands.

“We are trying to not replace humans. We are trying to have a more human-like conversation that has the power of automation and intelligence a machine could have.” - Niyati Agarwal

The Ease of Conversational AI Technology

The demand for Conversational AI technology rapidly increases, so small brands should not be hesitant to explore and tap companies who specialise on this type of technology. Companies like Gupshup put everything together by providing pre-defined industry templates and other tools you’ll need in automating your consumer interactions. Beerud sees a great development in Conversational AI technology’s human style mimicry, and he expects many brands to have their own “Alexa” in the next few years.

“We are automating them, and we are providing tools, so that this becomes a mundane task for you. It becomes something which you do not need to go to your IT team to implement.” - Niyati Agarwal

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