CFFP# 13 - What's Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dream? ft. Teri Ijeoma


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Welcome to another episode of the Conversations for Financial Professionals podcast where we are shaping the next generation of financial advice.

Today we have Teri Ijeoma.

Teri is the founder of Trade and Travel where her flagship "Trade and Travel" trading course teaches people how to invest for what is important to them. She now has over 1000 students that have entered her “$1000 in a Day”. In this conversation we cover so much of Teri’s wonderful personal story, as well as:

Show Highlights:

  • Teri discusses what caused her to make the leap out of her comfort zone and cross the proverbial fence. (3:53)
  • Teri tells me why she thinks the main reason more people don’t make the leap and follow their dreams. (07:42)
  • Teri explains her take on starting with ‘WHY” and what that looks like. (10:25)
  • Teri takes us back to the beginning at how she got started in trading. (11:54)
  • Teri gives me her secret on how she created her course. (18:13)
  • Teri tells me about her scariest moments on her path. (21:21)
  • Teri reveals her best trade and worst trade. (26:08)

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