CFFP# 18 - What's Changing About Financial Services in the Next 10 Years ft. Patrick Mahoney & Skip Schweiss


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Welcome to another episode of the Conversations for Financial Professionals podcast where we are shaping the next generation of financial advice.

Today we have Patrick Mahoney and Skip Schweiss. Patrick D. Mahoney is the CEO of the Financial Planning Association, experienced business leader and strategist with a background across diverse organizations in the financial services, technology, and mission-based sectors. He’s been recognized for building and mentoring diverse teams and creating growth strategies that integrate the passion and expertise of an organization's members, volunteer leaders, and staff to meet its goals and mission.

Skip Schweiss, CFP®, AIF® currently serves as the volunteer president for the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®). Skip has a distinguished financial services career of more than 30 years, including a 12-year stint with TD Ameritrade--taking the company to grow its retirement plan services to more than 12,000 retirement plans and more than $40B in assets under management.

Welcome to both of you to the podcast!

Show Highlights:

  • 0:00 Meet Patrick Mahoney & Skip Schweiss
  • 4:00 What has shifted in financial services?
  • 8:08 How is technology changing consumer behavior?
  • 11:10 Are fintech stacks keeping up?
  • 14:34 What skills does today’s financial advisor need?
  • 18:48 What is the role of the financial advisor?
  • 21:41 How do financial advisors develop trust?
  • 25:14 What tools are available in the FPA?
  • 30:05 Words of Wisdom


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