CFFP #02 - Using Media to Boost Your Personal Brand Ft. Cameron Huddleston


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Today I have Cameron Huddleston, an award-winning journalist with nearly 20 years of experience writing about personal finance. Cameron’s work has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Kiplinger, and the Chicago Tribune. Cameron is also a recent author of the book: “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk - How To Have Essential Conversations With Your Parents About Their Finances”.

During the show today, Cameron touches on some of the new challenges faced by financial professionals in light of the pandemic. We’ll also discuss some myths about using media to boost your personal brand. Cameron also shares some strategies and tools that financial professionals can use such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to become a reliable successful source to the media in your industry. Finally, Cameron shares her own story as an example of ‘personal stories’ can be used to enhance your brand. Enjoy the episode!

Show Highlights:

  • How has the pandemic helped shape the financial industry bringing it into the virtual environment (4:47)
  • Does having a virtual meeting have a level of intimacy lost instead of meeting face to face (10:55)
  • Cameron discusses how the younger generation has developed texting as a language (13:22)
  • Cameron disputes the fact that it costs to get quoted by the media, and how to do it at no cost (15:07)
  • How HARO can help you get quoted by the media for free - all it takes is your time (19:20)
  • Cameron’s top 3 tips on how to submit a tip to the media and using social media platforms to expand your outreach (22:35)
  • Cameron’s thoughts on having your own blog (27:53)
  • Cameron’s advice on how not to get overwhelmed and where to focus, where to boost the blog and how to get it recognized (30:03)
  • Cameron discusses her book and her personal story behind it (36:08)
  • Being yourself and being personable and how that helps you connect with your clients (44:33)

Resources: Read the blog.

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