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Conversation 117: The Story, Journey and Passion of Ann Parker, RD, LD

“Don’t close off your mind. I have to say, I was very set on community nutrition and that is where I ended up but I think certain aspects of clinical and food service would be enjoyable. There are so many paths for us as dietitians.” Ann Parker, RD, LD

Today’s conversation is with Ann Parker, a registered dietitian with many creative outlets who has a passion for community nutrition.

Ann is a fellow Iowa registered dietitian who I crossed paths with through our our local district dietetic association as she started to volunteer her time as the secretary and treasurer. Ann is a very passionate dietitian about a lot of things, which is what makes her very unique. I appreciate her ability to enhance her dietitian life with other passions, such as being a teacher in her local church community and through a unique exercise class, which she shares more about in the podcast. I feel very honored to have had this conversation with her in person and her being my first Ann on the podcast.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ann.

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