#125 - Dezi Abeyta, RDN and owner of Foodtalk Nutrition


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Conversation 125: The Story, Journey and Passion of Dezi Abeyta, RDN and owner of Foodtalk Nutrition

“Building the connections to the people you are working with is the most important thing because these are the people that might hire you someday. These are the people that might refer you. It’s all about your connections to people.” Dezi Abeyta, RDN

Today’s conversation is with Dezi Abeyta, a registered dietitian from Tucson, AZ who has a passion to inspire men to prioritize their family time by teaching and coaching them to utilize nutrition and exercise tactics to boost their emotional, mental, and physical availability for their family.

I think it is hard to be a male in the female-dominated dietetics field and that is why Dezi is an inspiration to many for his awesome and unique contribution to the field. Dezi shares his very personal journey to dietetics which always circles around the importance of food and family. He has started his own business, Foodtalk Nutrition, with a purpose to help men along their wellness journey through his own experience and expertise. Throughout the podcast, he shares many nuggets of wisdom for all dietitians and how the power of connection means everything.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dezi.

Connect with Dezi on his website, Foodtalk Nutrition and Instagram. Watch his TEDx Talk: Food Fights Will Save Your Life.

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