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Conversation 126: The Story, Journey and Passion of Kelsey Wigans, MS, RDN, LD

“I really like to be in the garden and just being outside. There is something fulfilling about gardening, getting your hands dirty and pulling weeds. It humbling and fulfilling at the same time.” Kelsey Wigans, MS, RDN, LD

Today’s conversation is with Kelsey Wigans, a registered dietitian and Seed to Table Manager for Gilmore City-Bradgate Schools in Iowa.

You may be wondering what a Seed to Table Manager is and so was I, when my previous podcast guest Ann Parker mentioned Kelsey for the podcast. This is a great conversation about how a registered dietitian can make an impact with children when it comes to food, health and being an active teacher in the schools about agriculture and where food comes from. Kelsey is doing the most amazing things at her school, branching out much further than just a school garden, including grant writing, a teaching kitchen and a new upcoming Monarch butterfly house.

Please enjoy my conversation with Kelsey.

Connect with Kelsey by Email, following on Facebook at Gilmore City-Bradgate School Garden and Instagram.

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