#148 - Jessica Serdikoff, RDN, CPT


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“I wish there were more resources when I was a student and new dietitian about how it is ok to be imperfect. We have to take the pressure off. We have to learn how to deal with anxiety and we have to prioritize our self care and stress relief so we can be the best dietitians we can be.” Jessica Serdikoff, RDN, CPT

Today’s conversation is with Jess Seridokoff, a registered dietitian who has a passion for empowering other dietitians along their professional journey.

I am all about dietitians being on the same team, supporting each other in every way possible which is why when I connected with Jess I knew I would be in good company. Jess has quite the personal discovery journey so far in her personal and professional life and has made it her mission to help others like her, especially registered dietitians work through the daily challenges and joys of our profession. She is the ultimate dietitian cheerleader.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jess.

Connect with Jess through her website Empowering Dietitians, Instagram, and Facebook.

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