Ep 78 - Susie Roberts, RDN, LD, CWPD, Certified Intrinsic Coach®


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Conversation 78: The Story, Journey and Passion of Susie Roberts, RDN, LD, CWPD, Certified Intrinsic Coach®

“I have learned, as I keep moving forward, a lot of times you come to a fork in the road. You have this opportunity or you have this opportunity or maybe the other is you just stay where you are. And what I have realized is, you can stay just where you are. That’s kind of the safe option, but you also have to weight if you are happy there, do you feel valued there, do they support and believe in what you’re doing and what your purpose is there.” - Susie Roberts, RDN, LD, CWPD, Certified Intrinsic Coach®

Today’s conversation is with Susie Roberts, a second career dietitian who was attending the same college as her teenage son when she purposely and passionately choose dietetics.

A few years into my retail dietetic career, I was contacted by Susie asking if she could interview me on my role as a registered dietitian. When we met and started talking, I kept finding myself wanting to interview her about all the professional experiences she has had in her lifetime. All of her jobs actually lead her to becoming a dietitian, without her really even knowing it until much later in life. Susie is the perfect example of it is never to late in your life to do what you love. She is also the perfect example a very passionate dietitian who I know has inspired many other individuals along the way and is now using her expertise in leadership in her current job.

Please enjoy my conversation with Susie.

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