Ep 84 - Amy Sowards, MS, RDN


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Conversation 84: The Story, Journey and Passion of Amy Sowards, MS, RDN

“I always say, my whole path, even though it was very scattered and wasn’t planned, I do think it was leading up to the fact I wanted to help the (dietetics) profession. It is really sad when dietitians don’t feel appreciated or are getting paid for what they are worth. I know I am only one person, but how can we change that? The more dietitians who work for themselves, the better it is for everyone. For example: if there are less dietitians for hospital jobs, they they have to pay more and really respect those positions. The more diverse we get, the more we will gain respect .” - Amy Sowards, MS, RDN

Today’s conversation is with Amy Sowards, a registered dietitian who is the founder and owner of the Dietitian Institute, intended for the dietitian looking to start their own business.

I was graciously introduced to Amy by Libby Rothschild when I was doing some research on CEU’s and Amy was extremely helpful. Then I realized I had done a webinar provided by Amy’s business and I knew I needed to have a conversation with her. Amy is very honest about her path to owning a business and discovering her professional passion, because it wasn’t always easy or a direct journey. She is now passionate about helping other dietitians prevent those mistakes and guiding them in the right direction with her own personal experiences and expertise through trainings, free webinars and personal coaching.

Please enjoy my conversation with Amy.

Connect with Amy at her website Dietitian Institute and Instagram.

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