226: How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling to Grow Your SaaS Business - with Brynne Tillman


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Brynne Tillman is the CEO of Social Sales Link and the author of The LinkedIn Sales Playbook, a Tactical Guide to Social Selling. Brynne has been teaching entrepreneurs, sales teams and business leaders how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling for over a decade. As a former sales trainer, Brynne adopted all of the traditional sales techniques and adapted them to LinkedIn. She guides professionals on how to become thought leaders and subject matter experts, find and engage the right targeted market and leverage clients and networking partners for warm introductions into qualified buyers. In this episode you'll learn: The difference between cold connecting and social proximity How to establish a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out How to network and engage with existing LinkedIn connections How to leverage social proximity to connect with prospects How to leverage content and establish thought leadership By the end of this episode, you'll know exactly how to use LinkedIn social selling to build authority, credibility and trust. And you'll learn how to connect with qualified buyers. I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy the show? Subscribe and leave a rating & review to show your support. SaaS Club Plus Need help building, launching and growing your SaaS business? Join SaaS Club Plus and get the insights, motivation and support you need to succeed. Learn more about SaaS Club Plus.

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