BNN #121 - Convert to Raid presents: Catch 'Em All


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Pat Krane, Thyst (Lagging Balls), and Sharku (Merely a Setback) talk about BlizzCon, WoW and more! 3:00 - Sharku goes Horde, Pat games the system, Thyst is back online 10:30 - CTR Classic Bit: Garrison Playsets 16:00 - BlizzCon Tickets and info 38:30 - WoW: World First, raid nerfs 48:45 - 8.2 on the PTR, War Campaign, mounts, more 58:00 - Ask Mr. Robot class guides 1:01:30 - Hearthstone: Single campaign coming soon™ 1:04:15 - Overwatch: Havana map, new skins 1:08:45 - eSports: OWL sparks CoD League, AWC Spring Finals / OWL Stage 2 finals this weekend, MDI Spring Cups wrap up Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - Thyst - Sharku - Helpful Links: Join us at for everything CTR!

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