Learn How To Wrench!


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This Week’s Episode Is A 2 Session Conversation In 1 Episode, and You’re Gonna Love It! The First Half Is A Recap of Life, Vacations, Sushi, and All Things Awesome With The Finks. Then We Start A 7 x 7 With Only 2 Topics Covered But We Did Get A Guest Appearance From The One and Only Donna Rouse and We Discuss Board Games and Smells. Then The Second Half Is A Chat Fantastic With Just Chad Fink As We Discuss Everything From Halloween To Hope & Despair…Plus A Ton More! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It!

Topics Include…

  • A Deep Rambling Intro About Pens
  • Running and What Workouts Look Like These Days
  • Board Games and Why They Might Be Overrated
  • Favorite Smells On Earth…Like Fresh Cut Grass
  • Talking To Your Neighbors To Make The World Seem Ok
  • The Best Animals On Earth
  • Is A Full Moon Causing Hysteria True or A Myth?
  • Learning How To Wrench and Why It’s So Important
  • The Best Fast Food Items From All The Favorite Places
  • Are Historical Figures Overly Criticized or Not
  • The Perfect Steak That You Might Not Know About But You’ll Love
  • Advice That Every 18-22 Year Old Needs
  • Is There More Hope or Despair For The Future
  • Candy Corn, Concerts, Cinnamon Rolls, Housing Trays of Brownies, and More!

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