Two Ter'angreal Walk into a Bar (TDR: Ch 23 - Ch 24)


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In this episode, Matt and Enn discuss Chapter 23 & 24 of Robert Jordan's The Dragon Reborn from the Wheel of Time series! This week Egwene steps out of the arches only to be told off by Elaida and Mat steps out of his room only to be rejected by Else. Also find out what a Wheel of Time perfume commercial would be like in the 90s.

  • 23 - Sealed
  • 24 - Scouting and Discoveries

From the Episode:

Link to E.V.O. music Enn references:

HUGE thanks to @thedustywheel for letting us be a part of the Wheel of Time Speed Dating event! It streamed live but you can catch it here: We are about 29:50 into the show :)

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