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Coosa 020 Harvy Valencia
Jhon Valencia Harvy was born on February 13, 1992 in the city of Cali, Colombia. His passion for music has existed since childhood, but was at the age of 13 who awakened histaste for electronic music.At 17 years old he made his debut as a deejay Harvibal. Later, it became known as a producer under the name"Harvy Valencia". It has inclined genres of Minimal, Techno,Tech House and Deep House.Currently launched her own Label "1994 Music"
Track List;
01.- Harvy Valencia - Tat (Original Mix)
02.- Harvy Valencia - H a b m a (Original Mix)
03.- Harvy Valencia - Adult Sound (Original Mix)
04.- Wade - Pedal Pitch (Original mix)
05.- Domenico Donvito Lau Frank - Apulia (Jesus Soblechero Remix)
06.- Harvy Valencia - La Fuma (Original Mix)
07.- UGLH & Lucio Spain - Wild Nigths
08.- Onno - Vlammos (Original Mix)
09.- Marco Faraone, Luca agnelli - Jambo
10.- Eda Yamen - Breaking Point (Javier Carballo Rolling Remix)
11.- Mathias Kaden - Troija
12.- Harvy Valencia - Sickness (Original Mix)
13.- Harvy Valencia - Octopus Alive (Original)
14.- Harvy Valencia - Ames Room (Original)
Les presentamos con mucho gusto y agrado a nuestro amigo Jhon Valencia Harvy.

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