Should a Christian Date Someone with a History of Sexual Sin in Their Life?


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Episode 356 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Key questions answered in today's show:

1. What’s the difference between Christianity and other religions? Why can you say we don’t worship the same God?

2. Would it be a bad idea to date this guy who has a past? He mentioned that before he became a Christian, he was having sex with other girls and was drinking a lot. He says that God has delivered him from that. Is it a bad thing to want to be with him if I know that God has forgiven him? I was hoping to get your thoughts on that.

3. What is Jeremiah referring to when he talks about the “great and unsearchable things”?

4. How can I figure out my spiritual gift so I can become more of a blessing to my church?

5. How important is it for a Christian to have powerful experiences of God working in their lives?

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