Five Heart Podcast Episode 216: Blah Blah Blah


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Greg is out this week, so Jon takes over. Everything turns political. Commie pinko bastard Todd joins and talks like a breezy politician. Jill comes in to referee, then things turn to Nebraska women’s basketball

This show is about:

  • The Nebraska women’s basketball team and their wild inconsistency
  • Women’s volleyball vs Minnesota
  • John Cook taking over the athletic department
  • Luke McCaffrey went to Louisville (does anyone care?)
  • Todd used to dance with Rhonda Revelle in college at UNL
  • Recruiting - do top recruits always pick winning teams?
  • Alabama and Clemson should be recognized as monopolies and broken up
  • Jay Foreman and Jason Peter joining Scott Frost as volunteers - WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

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