Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Sean Conley - “The Point After” - How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More To Life Than The NFL


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This episode I interview Sean Conley, author of the book “The Point After - How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More To Life Than The NFL”.

“The Point After” is about Conley’s drive from childhood to become a NFL kicker despite his high school not having a football team. He somehow finds his way onto a small college team, then finds his way to Pitt and becomes a starter. Next, he tries the NFL.

Conley’s book is interesting; it’s rare we get a story about a guy playing sports that isn’t a “glory story”, i.e., them or others talking about how great they are, what obstacles they had to overcome while nothing bad happens along the way unless it’s glossed over so as to not make you feel too bad. Conley is pretty honest about his goals, dreams, his failures and what they do to him.

It’s even more rare we get a story from a kicker. Nobody cares about kickers until they miss or they don’t have one, but rarely do we get an idea of what they go through.

Sean and I discuss:

  • His book (duh)
  • The injury that ended his career, how it came from overuse, and why this is important for young athletes to understand.
  • What it’s like to try to make a NFL team.
  • Why I should feel sorry for a guy who’s been dumped from or is retiring from the NFL.
  • Yoga. And men.
  • Resilience.

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