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Are you in a medical debt crisis? Many Americans are, or very quickly, could be. Jason Hartman talks with Robert Goff, author of End Medical Debt: Curing America's $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt. Robert breaks down what happens in medical billing that isn't so transparent to the patient. He also illustrates solutions for the individual and from the governmental standpoint on ways that this issue can be further mitigated.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Americans, unless you are extremely rich or extremely poor, are one accident away from potential financial ruin.

[4:00] What is co-insurance, and how come it doesn't help like we believe it does?

[5:00] It is essential to understand the "if clause."

[8:30] How do surgeons and assistant surgeons "share the dollars?"

[10:00] What do we do as an individual?

[12:00] Be upfront with the physician - they know and are willing to work with patient costs.

[12:30] What would be the overall solution to end all of these problems forever?

[16:30] The institution's agenda is to capture as much revenue as possible.

[17:40] The fix is in asking, "what's the most costly component, and where could we have intervened?"

[19:00] Robert Goff on Rip Medical Debt buying consumer medical debt and abolishing it.






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