[Rebroadcast] Cosmic #15 - Coordinating a Movement, Cultivating Precision & Discipline W/ Maestro Ernst van Tiel


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They are mysterious, aren’t they? (Orchestra conductors)

We are making some upgrades to the podcast production and publishing processes so we are rebroadcasting some of our most popular episodes from this first part of the year.

I’ve always had a fascination for them, knowing they are at the very top of their game, able to coordinate a movement of 80 expert musicians and deliver a performance that is not only extremely precise, coordinated and tight, but one that can also take audiences into another dimension. We must be able to learn something from these guys!?

Orchestras have the power to create cosmic events. It doesn’t always happen, but if you are attending the right night and there is this “je ne sais quoi” in the air, it can turn into a very special experience. This happened to me the night just before the interview, where Maestro Ernst van Tiel kindly invited me to attend the Star Wars film concert he was conducting with the Lyon National Orchestra. It was magic, and time stopped. Can’t explain it.

Their magic power is based on extreme hard work and a culture of discipline. The conductor is the one waving the magic wand. He’s got some secret skills, obviously. Maestro van Tiel kindly made some time for us to sit backstage the day after the performance to answer my questions and listen to music tracks I prepared for him. We decrypt what we can learn from orchestra conductors so you can hopefully apply some of it in your project and daily life. Just in case the Empire strikes back!

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Dance, do more, be cosmic.


Useful links:

Spotify playlist with tracks from the episode

Making of Soundtrack ‘The Artist’ (recording conducted by Ernst van Tiel)

The Artist main theme

Ernst van Tiel conducting the Netherland symphony orchestra for the film score of Schindler’s list

Video Podcast on YouTube


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