The "Costa Rica Pura Vida Lifestyle" Podcast Series / Being Here is SO MUCH BETTER Than Reading About It! / Episode #1,203 / March 27th, 2022


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Welcome to our Podcast #1,203!

We appreciate your listening and hope you find the time to go through the 100's of episodes that we have recorded already. They're short, so listen to a few every day! I promise you will learn all you need to know about one of the happiest countries on the planet! Here's some links that will get you started in learning more about Costa Rica!

So many GOOD-NEWS stories coming out of Costa Rica. We'd love to share them with all of you! Way over 100 stories ready right now. Learn all about one if the Happiest Countries on the Planet. . Costa Rica! Here's a link:

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Our short stories / blog postings are located at our Costa Rica Good News Report website. Lots of stories about the life here in paradise! We think you'll really enjoy these:

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