Dan Glazebrook – Episode 89


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This week Eric returns with guest, political commentator and analyst Dan Glazebrook discussing the recent elections in the UK, the triumph of Corbyn and what it means for the future of British politics, and his recent article in CounterPunch Magazine examining the phenomenon of 21st Century fascism. The conversation begins with Eric and Dan discussing the recent UK election results and what Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's stunning showing at the polls means for the future of the Left and the Right in Britain. Eric and Dan discuss what led to Corbyn and Labour's victory, and where this development fits into the broader international political context.

The second half of the show sees Eric and Dan closely examine the nature of neo-fascism in Europe and the US: What are its features? Is it necessarily anti-democratic? What role are outside forces playing in promoting it? The discussion shifts to Russia and its support for the far right in Europe, with Russian media as a potent platform for disseminating reactionary and fascist politics. Finally, Eric and Dan touch on Russia, China, and the BRICS and whether this is a legitimate coalition, or merely a public relations and marketing creation. All this and so much more on this week's CounterPunch Radio!

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson - "Fite Dem Back"

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