Jeff Foxworthy, Russian Pen-Pal, 'Member Me? & Goodwill Hunting


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Have you ever wondered what Jeff Foxworthy looks like without a mustache? Well, look no further. In this episode, Blue Collar Comedy icon Jeff Foxworthy shares a picture of him without a mustache and talks with Jon about the state of comedy during the pandemic. And as a bonus, Jon shares his own "Drunk Jeff Foxworthy" impression with the man himself! Then, Marcus Stamos returns to the studio to read an old love letter and Jon reads an entry from his high school yearbook in another edition of "Member Me?” Then, Jon reads his second response to his long-lost pen-pal Natalie from Russia and the boys exchange gifts from a Goodwill in another edition of "Goodwill Hunting”. This episode will make you happier than a dead pig in the sunshine.

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