Thompson Square, ASMR, 420 Day, Mukbang-ing, and Dog Beer!


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In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about National 420 Day and ASMR (aka whisper porn) while making some of their own ASMR sounds. Then it’s time for another round of "How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” as callers try to guess the amount of one episode of EASTBOUND AND DOWN on HBO. After that, Jon and his Mom eat BBQ in the car in a new episode of "Mukbang-ing with Mom’osa”. Next up, It’s "Who’s Zooming Who" as country music duo Thompson Square join the show to talk life during the pandemic, new music, and standup careers. And in "Small Town News” Busch beer offers $20,000 for a canine 'Chief Tasting Officer' to sample a new brew specifically for dogs. And finally in "Goodwill Hunting” Jon and Marc ‘unbox' gifts they bought each other from a Goodwill. This episode is finger licking good and might give you a contact high.

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