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This week on Couple Things, we got to chat with dating expert, Matthew Hussey. Matthew talks with us about his advice for anyone that is starting, ending, or currently in a relationship. We even ask him what his #1 pick ups line is… We think you’ll want to tune into this one. It gets juicy.

Here are a few topics that we cover:

0:00 Timestamps

2:37 Is Mathew single?

3:30 living up to the pressure

5:53 how andrew won over shawn

8:07 andrew’s first impression of shawn

9:42 are there certain qualities that everyone is attracted to?

13:23 what should someone look for when dating?

14:32 investment and timing

17:56 what are the true compatibility factors?

20:30 key principals to follow while dating

27:03 going back to people who aren’t good for you

30:08: improving your confidence

34:24 marriage and mathew’s goals

39:14 do pick-up lines work?

41:50 first impressions

44:12 the importance in how you react

47:40 what attracted mathew to his girlfriend

51:30 why mathew is constantly learning

53:26 the absence of judgement

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