Coco Bakes on Dealing with Anxiety, Following Your Heart, and Creating a Bread with a Cult Following


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This week on Courageous Wellness we welcome the self-described bread witch and baker extraordinaire – Coco of Coco Bakes! Coco’s organic, vegan, gluten-free, naturally leavened, sprouted, wildly fermented sourdough bread has gained a cult like following. Her bread goes on sale at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays and even though she sells over 100 loaves, it sells out almost immediately. In addition to bread she has also made a name for herself for creating delicious vegan, gluten and refined sugar free desserts. In this episode, we discuss her transition to bread, her fearlessly honest and unapologetic instagram message, dealing with anxiety, and how Coco Bakes began. She is unapologetically herself and inspires others to be the same -- so prepare to be inspired by Coco's courageous journey! You can follow Coco on Instagram @CocoBakes and visit her website

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