Samara Zelniker of Mindfulness Matters On Mindfulness, Leaning In, and Using Your Intuition


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Today on the podcast we have the perfect episode to raise your vibrations as we sit down with the courageous and inspiring Samara Zelniker of Mindfulness Matters!

On this episode we dive deep and discuss what it really means to be “mindful." Samara explains that mindfulness is the "space between" your thoughts and emotions, providing you with the ability to respond versus react to challenging situations. It allows you to slow down and listen to your inner voice and reminds you that all of the answers are already inside. Samara powerfully shares her own story and discusses how she coaches clients to find their own mindful practice.

In addition we discuss leaning in to uncomfortable times, taking the good with the bad, and how to truly harness and use your own intuition!

Samara also hosts the most incredible retreats (which we discuss on this episode) and up next is her SPACE 1 Day Wellness Retreat in Los Angeles on March 24th.

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