The History of Tabletop RPGs and Legend of the Five Rings


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  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 1:08 1974, D&D is released
  • 5:03 1981, Bushido is released
  • 7:43 1985, D&D Oriental Adventures
  • 11:22 1985 The Satanic Panic
  • 13:10 1991 Magic The Gathering explodes onto the scene
  • 16:59 1995 L5R the LCG is released
  • 21:27 1997 L5R 1st Edition RPG is released
  • 22:51 2001 Wizards produce 2nd Edition L5R
  • 26:30 2005 AEG produces 3rd Edition L5R
  • 27:29 2010 AEG produces 4th Edition L5R
  • 32:20 2018 FFG produces 5th Edition L5R
  • 33:37 Where does L5R go from here?
  • 40:28 Closing


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