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To celebrate hiring the big thirteen-oh-oh, let’s delve into the world of superstition with some songs about luckiness and its absence. (66 minutes)

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Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Luck Be A Lady Frank Sin 3:42 Gods And Broads Frank Sinatra 3 iTunes
Hard Luck Woman Maki Nomiya 4:01 Miss Maki Nomiya Sings KISS 3 Amazon
Thirteen Garbage 3:29 Push It (Single) Big Star 7 Amazon
If I’m In Luck I Just Might Get Picked Up Mark Lesseraux 3:42 Get Your Back Up Off The Wall (originally released 9/2010) Betty Davis
You Got Lucky Setting Sun 3:54 Buffetlibre Rewind 2 Tom Petty 4
Lucky Man Jim James 4:18 Tribute To 2 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Amazon
With A Little Luck The Masticators 4:39 Coming Up! Paul McCartney Amazon
The Luckiest Sara Gazarek 4:18 Blossom & Bee Ben Folds iTunes Amazon
Get Lucky Daughter 4:53 BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge 2013 Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams 3 Amazon
Mr. Lucky Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods 2:13 Shots In the Dark Henry Mancini 3 Amazon
How Lucky Am I (Sign of the Fox) Maggie Gyllenhaal 2:27 Happy Endings Soundtrack Sign of the Fox 2 Amazon
Superstition (live) Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 4:40 Q's Ultimate Songwriters Stevie Wonder 2
Lucky Star Mark Lesseraux 3:20 Get Your Back Up Off The Wall (originally released 9/2010) Madonna 6
Trying Your Luck Deradoorian 3:54 Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It Strokes 3
Lucky Violet Isle 4:14 Every MacHine Makes A Mistake: A Tribute To Radiohead Radiohead 3 Amazon

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